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Tourism Marketing Strategies That Work


Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and is also one of the fastest growing global sectors. With up to 80% of all travel search done online and 50% of bookings also done on the internet, it is quite clear that tourism firms should develop a strategy for doing marketing if they want to succeed. Using tourism marketing is one of the most profitable marketing strategies you can use. Outlined below are secrets for tourism marketing success.


Knowing your visitors long before they arrive is one of the best Tourism Marketing strategies used in tourism marketing. This is important because visitors don't' just arrive one day then disappear several days or weeks later. As a destination marketing organization, you should build relationships with your visitors long before their arrival date.


The best way to go about this is by creating a mini-campaign to help your visitors answer certain questions such as some of the best local attractions they should visitors once they arrive, where to stay and where to eat. This way, you can direct them to your local visitor centers.


The second important thing you should do is to use a dashboard to give support to local visitor centers. If, for example, one of your cities is struggling to attract visitors while it is well-known for certain activities, you can use assignments to connect visitors with local experts. After doing this, you can then instruct your central team to monitors posts coming from the airport related to activities the city is known for then assign a local expert to answer their questions.


Besides the above mentioned, it is equally important that you train and plan for negative visitors. In most cases, destination organizations do not have a slight idea on how to handle negative visitors. Because they don't want to create a bigger controversy, they choose to only respond when necessary. Responding early can put at bay negative experiences, minimizing their impact. By intervening fast, you can turn angry and disappointed visitors into prospective advocates.


It is also recommended that you use social media to have a better understanding of out-of-market visitors. The most unfortunate thing is that most people only use social as a tool to understand what out-of-market visitors have to say about the destinations they have visited. There are a number of analytical tools you can use to better understand what these visitors associate with most in your destination. For example, sources such as Twitter, online discussion forums or YouTube can be used to gather important data. After this, you can use the data to come up with a marketing campaign. If you want to learn more, you can visit too.


Another key element of tourism marketing is the use of search engine optimization. Earning and keeping your place at the top of search engines is the first step of enhancing your website relevance. If done professionally, SEO can result in better returns.